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What are red eyes?

The area around your iris and pupil is also known as the whites of your eyes. When you suffer from red eyes, the whites of your eyes have a red color. In this case, both one eye and both eyes can be red. In addition to the red color, red eyes can also cause other complaints.

How do I recognize red eyes?

Red eyes are often accompanied by the following complaints:

  • The whites of the eyes are red

  • The eye itches, burns or tears

  • Mucus or pus formation

  • swollen eyelids

  • Sticky eyelids with scabs

What Causes Red Eyes?

Red eyes can have many different causes:

  • A speck in the eye

  • eye inflammation

  • Dry eyes

  • Inflammation of eyelid margins ( Blepharitis )

  • A bruise in the eye

  • Allergic reaction

  • dry air

  • Increased eye pressure ( Glaucoma )

  • Damage to the cornea

  • Wearing the wrong contact lenses

  • Smoking or being in a room with smoke

  • Fatigue

  • The use of alcohol or drugs

  • Looking at a screen for a long time

What can I do about red eyes?

Often red eyes are easy to prevent:

  • Rest your eyes regularly. Because we demand a lot from our eyes, it is important to use the 20-20-2 rule. This means that after 20 minutes of looking up close (for example on a screen), you have to look into the distance for 20 seconds. It is also important to spend 2 hours a day outside! This way your eyes can relax after a day full of screen stimuli.

  • Try not to rub your eyes too much, as this can cause additional irritation.

  • Get advice about the use of new contact lenses.

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